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Who We Are

Ekwill seeks to build a better face for Canada. Imagine a one-stop resource for new immigrants, youth, persons with disabilities, the underrepresented, marginalized, and racialized population sectors.

A national resource platform that ensures every job-seeker, entrepreneur and employer will have access to the information and professional support they need to advance and succeed. We know that we are stronger when we lift each other up.


With the power of community, Ekwill Inc. provides its users with the tools they need to succeed. It offers businesses access to the talent and resources that can help them grow and thrive.


Ekwill is a group of like-minded business leaders and professionals who want to do more for everyone. That is why we created this dynamic platform that grows and adapts to you, that tailors its offerings and services to meet your business and career needs.


It is about providing everyone with access to the most powerful resources, marketing and growth opportunities, while maintaining our core values of inclusion, diversity and growth.


Get ready to harness a better you, no matter who you are. Welcome to Ekwill. Opportunity awaits.

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