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Ekwill Inc. offers a diversified offering of Services that businesses are looking for these days in an extremely competitive environment for recruiting top employee candidates to one’s company. As one of Canada’s top recruitment firms, Ekwill brings a new and refreshing view at the engagement between the perspective employee and the firm in which they are joining.

The Ekwill team brings a significant amount of experience to the process to ensure successful job placements in which all parties are satisfied and can all benefit from the Ekwill course of action. The results speak for themselves as we have thoroughly analyzed the criteria set out by the employer and matched it up with the best available candidate.


We bring the process of job recruitment to a new level especially now because of how important it is for a business to thrive in a competitive and inflationary marketplace. There is no better or more important task than bringing the right job candidate to that perfect career choice and in doing so creating that successful medium between Employer and Employee.  


What we offer

  1. Recruitment Services

  2. Consulting Services

  3. Data Driven Strategies

  4. Customized Solutions

  5. Employee Consulting

  6. Job Process Mentoring

  7. Training and Apprentice Programs

  8. Educational Resources

  9. Career Advice

  10. Job Fair Recruitment Services Internal and External

Business Meeting
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