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Why Ekwill for employers

10 reasons why hiring a talent recruiting agency will help you build your company.


1) Top tier talent
You are in a high growth phase of your company and in order to have a competitive advantage, you will need top tier talent to grow your business. Recruiting agencies will always have a pulse on the market and have access to a robust passive and active candidate pool to source from, to meet your hiring mandates.


2) Saves you time
The gestation period of the hiring process including sourcing candidates, screening interviewing, and onboarding can be quite time consuming for an HR Manager when their role encompasses a number of additional critical functions. By outsourcing a recruiting agency to partner with your company, not only is it cost-effective, it will enhance the recruitment process with speedy delivery which saves you time.


3) Cost-effective
Whether your company has an HR Manager in place or not, outsourcing your recruitment needs is highly cost-effective and can be used on a per-project/need basis.


4) Industry knowledge
Utilizing a specialized recruitment firm that understands your needs and industry is a huge advantage and can accelerate your hiring process so that you can meet your company mandates with peace of mind and efficiency.


5) Guaranteed hires

Most recruitment agencies will offer a guarantee period of minimum 3-6 months should the candidate not meet your performance expectations satisfactorily. By partnering with a recruitment firm your hiring investment is protected and your dedicated recruiter will continue to monitor the progress of the candidate that is hired to ensure satisfaction.

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6) Elusive talent
You have a specific, unique role to fill with a specialized skillset, by partnering with a recruitment firm they will conduct the market research for you to find elusive, top talent and tap into the passive candidate market thorough headhunting which will save you the time it takes to research, source and screen candidates.

7) Speedy delivery
In the instance that your company requires seasonal and temporary workers with a high attrition rate during peak seasons, the volume of candidates is of critical importance and time is of the essence. A recruitment agency has access to a large database of active candidates which will ensure speedy delivery to meet your needs and in some instances will payroll your temp workers for you.


8) Negotiation of Offers
There is nothing worse than finding the best candidate and losing their interest to a competitor at the offer stage. Consider your dedicated recruiter as an extension of your team who is privy to your budgetary hiring parameters and will negotiate on your behalf to pre-close candidates during the offer stage.


9) Knowledge of HR standards
A recruitment agency is knowledgeable with respect to best HR hiring and screening practices to ensure hiring standards are met with transparency and integrity.


10) Knowledge of market trends
In an ever evolving market, hiring trends change. A recruitment agency will always be up to speed with the job market and can provide the market intel that you need to offer competitive salaries to attract the best talent which will give your company the leading edge.

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