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Our Team

Sarah Makhomet - President

Sarah Makhomet is the President of Ekwill Inc. She is responsible for leading the incredible team of professionals dedicated to our mission of bringing a new and exciting approach to potential job candidates, despite one’s social, cultural, gender or economic position in society.

Ekwill is a leading National Recruitment Resource Platform connecting various businesses with a particular strong emphasis on providing Canadian Construction Building Trades with diversified skilled job candidates and apprentice trainees.

Sarah immigrated to North America from Ukraine when she was 17 years old, eventually settling down in Canada and attending York University. Sarah has maintained strong ties with her Ukrainian family members still in Ukraine and is working on various initiatives to help in the humanitarian effort.

She has been a leading figure in the financial services industry for more than 15 years. She is co-founder of the largest independent mortgage brokerage in Canada. Throughout her career, Sarah has led various teams of professionals in executing diverse and inclusive programs.

Sarah has a passion for mentoring women and other minorities as they grow and develop their own careers, ambitions and business opportunities. She brings this passion to Ekwill with the particular focus on advising those groups with a focus on careers in growth industries.


Sarah is a board member of the Young Professionals Organization (YPO) – Great Lakes Chapter, and is the Chair of it's Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio. She is a sought after business speaker and volunteers her spare time in various community initiatives.


Natalie Hansford - HR Director

Natalie Hansford for the last several years has been a business leader and team builder within various companies that she has supported. Natalie works with organizations to improve communication, policies, practices and company culture. She has worked alongside all levels of various businesses assisting and facilitating the Senior Leadership in strategy formulation and developing their organizations human resources dashboards, working with middle management providing them support in the implementation stage and has provided first hand involvement with employees assisting and motivating them to achieve their goals.

Natalie in her many ongoing roles has provided strategic consulting services to over 150 clients across all industries from manufacturing, construction, health care, IT, service industry etc. She directly oversaw a team of 10+ HR Consultants and employees, assisting and guiding them on how to deal with customer concerns, best practices, client relationships and human resources development. Natalie’s previous experience as a Director has given her a full-scale knowledge of business strategies and best practices which she enjoys sharing with clients and coaches.

In 2019 Natalie launched her own consulting firm focused on providing career growth support for young business professionals. Her goal is to provide employees the opportunity to learn and grow within a company, increase retention and employee engagement.


Abby McDonald - Senior Consultant

Abby McDonald is no stranger to the Executive Search industry serving her clients with passion, integrity and excellence for the past 20+ years. Her mission, to boldly fulfill the talent acquisition needs of her clients, with an understanding that the success of any organization is largely due to company culture and hiring the 'right' top tier talent.


With a keen intuitive ability, Abby can spot talent in a crowded market. She provides her clients with unique value through her strategic thrust and specialist focus in the following sectors of the economy, i.e. Freight forwarding, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution.


Abby thrives on building strategic partnerships and strong relationships with both clients and candidates alike, bringing both parties together for a successful outcome or rather a "Win-Win" situation. The “right fit” is equally important to both parties thus she takes tremendous pride in her capacity to facilitate this union.


Adolfo Albarracin - IT Lead

Adolfo 's many strengths include his deep understanding of the role of information technology in any project's successful completion. He will be an integral part of Ekwill's culture of solutions creation built around the notion of quality, integrity and operational infrastructure security.


Experienced professional with many years of successful project implementation behind him in a number of organizations in Canada and abroad, he always seeks to build on these strengths to ensure cohesive and result oriented approach. With cyber security often identified as a #1 threat to teams and businesses, we are proud to be able to maintain secure networks and ensure privacy of our internal and external stakeholders and communication, training and all other IT requirements with Adolfo as a dedicated Leader.


Stanislav Beilin Director of Recruitment
Stanislav Beilin joins Ekwill as the Director of Recruitment and overseas placement services, he has over 20 years of successful international and Canadian placement experience. A unique individual with highly specialized knowledge in the many key areas of relevant Government legislation which includes health and safety guidelines, human resources and other important areas. Stanislav is a great addition to our team with a truly exceptional skill set.

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire in the United States, he possesses both the academic knowledge, business acumen and experienc
e to advise our clients on proper placement strategies. Stanislav has strong qualifications in developing the sought-out growth strategies in all the key areas that Ekwill intends to thrive in. His abilities have been noticed by clients and appreciated by those who
have received unique and life changing settlement opportunities as they were helped to navigate through sometimes a difficult process in a new country.


He is extremely considerate and appreciative of the environment, where nurturing talent and appreciating circumstances of every worker is of paramount importance while balancing the interests, mandate and result driven approach of every organization he assists. Stanislav will work in conjunction with our legal team to assist organizations in the areas that are needed. He will also be addressing that the candidates are a proper fit with the appropriate skill sets and balancing the workers well-being while ensuring organizational, operational and growth objectives of our clients are all being addressed.


Inna Aleksandriuk

Inna Aleksandriuk holds a master's degree in Business Economics and a postgraduate qualification in HR Management. She is known for her energetic and positive-thinking approach, making her a people person with a knack for effective communication and creative problem-solving. In the realm of professional relationships, Inna is a dependable individual.


Dedicated to fostering the growth of her colleagues, Inna takes pleasure in assisting them in achieving their career goals, recognizing the profound impact it has on organizational development. Her guiding principle echoes Richard Branson's wisdom: "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients." In full agreement with this sentiment, Inna firmly believes that the success of an organization is propelled by the happiness and motivation of its employees.

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