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Precast Concrete (Erector / Finisher)

Certificate of Qualification
244K (Erector), 244L (Finisher)

A Precast Concrete (Erector/Finisher) is a skilled tradesperson who is responsible for the installation and finishing of precast concrete elements used in construction projects. They must have a good understanding of precast concrete installation and finishing techniques, as well as the ability to read and interpret blueprints and drawings. Precast Concrete (Erector/Finisher) may be responsible for lifting and placing precast elements using cranes or other heavy equipment, as well as finishing the exposed surfaces of the precast elements to achieve the desired appearance and texture. They work in a variety of construction settings and must follow strict safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries on the job.

Required Skills & Features

  • Detail-oriented

  • Comfortable working at heights

  • Capable of working in cold weather

Minimum Standards

  • Grade 10 minimum


Approximately 3-4 years, 5,400 hours of technical and on-the-job training, and exam. Red seal trade certificate awarded after. As an apprentice, you can earn while you learn!

Employment Areas

  • Heavy Industrial Construction

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • Engineering Construction

  • New home building and renovation

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Handling the loading and unloading of prefabricated concrete panels.

  • Securing the panels to structures.

  • Applying grout between the concrete panels and footings.


Certified Tradesperson Wage:
Approx: $39/hr 


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