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Sarah Makomet






500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984

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Sarah Makomet is President of Ekwill. She is responsible for leading the team and it's diversity and inclusion focus. Sarah immigrated to North America from Ukraine when she was 17 years old, eventually settling down in Canada and attending York University. She has been a leading figure in the financial services industry for more than 15 years. She is co-founder of the largest independent mortgage brokerage in Canada. Throughout her career, Sarah has led diverse teams of professionals and business people. She has a passion for mentoring women and other minorities as they grow and develop their own careers and ambitions. She brings this passion to Ekwill with the particular focus on mentoring those groups with a focus on careers in growth industries. Sarah is a board member of the Young Professionals Organization (YPO) – Great Lakes Chapter, and is the Chair of it's Diversity and Inclusion Portfolio. She is also a member of YPO Canada’s Athena Initiative, focusing on promoting women in business throughout Canada. She is known for promoting personal growth and development and advocates for good mental health.

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