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Certificate of Qualification 637C

Concrete Pump Operator

A Concrete Pump Operator is a skilled tradesperson who operates a specialized piece of equipment that is used to transport and place concrete in construction projects. They are responsible for setting up and operating the pump machine, which pumps liquid concrete through hoses to the desired location. Concrete Pump Operators must have a good understanding of the properties of concrete, as well as the technical specifications of the pump equipment. They work closely with other members of the construction team, such as Concrete Finishers and Masons, to ensure that the concrete is placed correctly and to the required specifications. They must follow safety regulations and maintain the equipment to ensure that it is in good working order. Concrete Pump Operators must have good communication and problem-solving skills and be able to work effectively under pressure to meet project deadlines.

Required Skills & Features

  • Working outdoors

  • Precision

  • Strong eye-hand coordination

  • Excellent communication skills

Minimum Standards

  • Grade 12 Diploma preferred (Grade 10 minimum)

  • DZ Licence


2000-2500 hours of on-the-job training, supplemented by 159 hours of in-class technical training (over the span of 20 days).

Employment Areas

  • Heavy Industrial Construction

  • Institutional and Commercial Construction

  • Engineering Construction

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage the on-site placement of concrete using a pump system.

  • Operate the vehicle, loading and unloading concrete pumps and their attachments.

  • Conduct pre-operational inspections, safety and operational checks, and implement preventative maintenance procedures.

  • Operate concrete pumps and associated components efficiently.

  • Address and resolve issues pertaining to the movement of concrete.

  • Maintain equipment by cleaning concrete pumps and components.

  • Read and interpret government legislation, site plans, and manufacturers' manuals, such as survey indicators.

  • Communicate effectively using various techniques, including hand signals.


Certified Tradesperson Wage:
Approx: $49/Hr


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