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Level up your job skills, your opportunities, your business. Ekwill Inc. is a one-stop platform for anyone seeking to level up their career or business.

Welcome to Ekwill


Who We Are

Ekwill seeks to build a better face for Canada. Imagine a one-stop resource for new immigrants, youth, persons with disabilities, the underrepresented, marginalized, and racialized population sectors.


It’s a national resource platform that ensures every job-seeker, entrepreneur and employer will have access to the information and professional support they need to advance and succeed.

Opportunity awaits.

 For Your Hiring

Looking to hire? Looking to make the right hires? Ekwill is a wealthy resource to connect highly diverse, widely qualified workers to industry-leading businesses looking to improve their growth through untapped human resources.


Through our robust systems and processes, and our industry-leading professionals, we’ll connect each other in a way that no other recruitment system can.


Ekwillize your hiring.

For Your Career

Are you looking to change careers or find a better job opportunity? Ekwill is here to help you in every way. We offer significant options for career choices and will help mentor and guide you through our process on the way to improving your work prospects.

Let us help you in the very tight job marketplace. Place your skill set on our employment page to see what value you bring to the abundance of different companies all seeking candidates like you.

Source out your true value.


Ekwill is here to evaluate where you fit into the current job trends and how you can command top dollar for you valuable work experience.



Our Program is designed to help those who don't know where to start. We help provide the training and resources necessary to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the construction industry. 


 Trade Careers

We provide career listings for a large variety of construction professions. Our listings cover all types of construction-related roles, giving job seekers the opportunity to find the perfect fit for their skills and experience.

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